how i help:

Desire Map Coaching is one of the most powerful services I provide. Through the process of the Desire Map you will be empowered with the ability to fully discern what your most desired feelings are and develop mastery in consistently generating them. 

One on One Counseling is my most popular service. My approach is deeply informed by buddhist philosophy and meditation practices. If you are ready to approach life's challenges from a secular spiritual perspective and up for the challenge of a dedicated daily meditation practice, you and I would be a stellar fit.

Recovery Coaching can be immensely beneficial for sustained recovery, happiness, exponential achievement and the kinds of breakthroughs that only occur through connected guidance, accountability and encouragement. Together we create wholehearted goals and achieve them in a process that makes you feel amazing while keeping you grounded in your chosen principles of behavioral or addiction recovery.

Meditation Mentoring gives you the support needed to connect to and sustain a meditation practice that is right and workable for you. You know by now that a meditation practice would be a game changer for your peace of mind and productivity but it's difficult, like any new practice, to get into the flow. With 10 years of a dedicated meditation practice under the support of my own teachers, I will share with you all I have learned about this 2600 year old tradition and get you into a practice you love.

Sober Companionship is a no brainer for times when career or family obligations can potentially place your sobriety in danger. It is empowering to have someone by your side for peace of mind and encouragement. Consider me your traveling meditation teacher or your assistant; it's easy to have the support you need, anonymously.

Faith Optional Reverend services can be helpful if you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding or commitment ceremony. I am a Reverend with the Universal Life Church, personally practice Buddhism and cater to multi - faith, agnostic and atheist clients looking for spiritual support.