word on the street

Deborah Linehan is a force for good in the Universe. She’s a powerhouse, a way-shower, and a trusted advisor and guide. I don’t make any major decisions without consulting her first. I love Deb!
— Elizabeth McGann - Los Angeles, USA
Through her global travels and power of example, Deb has inspired me to live my life more fully than I otherwise would have. She continues to coach in those times when I feel uninspired. She is an “added value” on our life adventures. Go Deb!!!
— Kevin Gleeson - New York, USA
Working with Deb was a pleasure from start to finish. As a coach myself, it was invaluable to have someone with her talent and skill help me navigate through the process. She offers a very special kind of support. Loving, insightful and most importantly her own desire to help others transform and grow shines through. I felt fully supported by her and that we were very much ‘in it together’. I’m very grateful for all of her attention and perspective that she was able to share with me. The learnings I gained from her continue to underpin how I design my life on a daily basis.
— Karen McMillan - London, England
Deb is an incredibly insightful and perceptive person. As my coach, she opened up my way of thinking about issues and offered some transformational ways of thinking about situations. She has a gift for using and imagining images and metaphors that open up a space for reflecting and then ultimately progressing. She is a beautiful soul and all round badass person at the same time! She is Incredibly funny, kind, gentle and easy to get on with.
— Peg Davison - Leeds, England
When I began working with Deb, I thought my issue was organization. Logistical concerns dominated my mind and caused me tremendous stress. Through my work with her, she drew out the emotional underpinnings of what was happening and helped me to see things in a very different light. Deb provided space for my conflicting emotions about creativity to emerge and resolve themselves, with a collaborative push or two from both of us. I would recommend this work for anyone struggling with motivation, creativity, resistance, or simply to improve general life satisfaction.
— Ridge Cresswell - New York, USA
Deb’s thoughtful guidance and insights allowed me to reconnect with myself and create clarity about how I want to feel. Deb masterfully creates a safe space to work - I felt challenged, inspired, and completely energized by all of the exercises and meditations she led me through. I’m really thankful I had the opportunity to work with her, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do this work.
— Lindsey Interlante - Maryland, USA
Working with Deb was such a wonderful experience for me. Instantly, I felt a connection between us and I was very comfortable opening up to her. What helped me connect to myself; especially after a long day (we did a virtual course via skype) was the little meditations we did. She was so creative and really helped me to find what feels right for me while she encouraged me to trust the process and to play with core desired feelings I probably wouldn’t have found on my own!
— Wiebke Winzer - Berlin, Germany
Working with Deb was amazing! She guided me in a way that was loving, insightful. The safe space she created allowed me to share openly my deepest fears and biggest joys and was instrumental in helping me to live a life that is based on authentic goals that are full of abundance, boldness, balance and love. She gave me practical tools to use so I can continue to live a life of my core desired feelings.
— Rebecca Dumais - New York, USA
I spent last summer at a mindful recovery community in Thailand with Deb as my coach and she helped me every step of the way. She is one of the most genuine, compassionate and loving people I have ever met and she helped me to get my life back on track. She is so down to earth and really, really listens. To me, her counseling was a perfect combination of kind words, understanding and much needed tough love. I recommend her highly!
— Roos Munnik - Netherlands
Deborah created a safe, sacred space for me to explore my heart’s desires. Each session began with a lovely guided meditation or visualization that put me completely at ease. With her gentle guidance, I was able to tune out the head chatter and listen to my heart. Working with Deborah was a rich and joyful experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do this work.
— Joyce Jensen - Oregon, USA
I met, one-on-one, with Deb, via Face Time, over a series of weekly sessions. From the start, I found her to be warm, welcoming, supportive, and informative. She guided me through exercises, often starting with meaningful and inspirational poems and/or mediations. Always flexible and receptive to my questions, even when I contacted her in between our sessions, Deb enabled me to successfully define my core desired feelings in a way that was both comfortable and productive. I know for sure that I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own, and I’m so thankful that my seeking brought me to Deb.
— Michele Weisman - New York, USA
My experience working with Deb was great. She is a fantastic advocate; happy, curious, creative, ready for everything life throws her way, unafraid, fun, excited, a person you want to be friends with and to be like - one word: awesome! We had a lot of fun; I gained insights about myself and learned a lot. My greatest takeaway was realizing I can put “how I want to feel” first, that dreams can come true and I can be creative too! I would absolutely recommend working with Deb.
— Gisi Vella - New York, USA